"A nerdy adrenaline": the influence of ethnomathematics on female mathematical identity

Al-Gasem, Nadiah Sanabria
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In 2011, the National Science Foundation reported that out of the 28.4% of women in STEM fields, only 3% are of Hispanic origin. With a constant increase in Hispanic population in the US, it is important to address why so many Latinas do not pursue STEM fields, especially those involving mathematics. This study explores the development of female mathematical identity of a group of secondary Latina students who belong to an all girls' school and are active members of the school's Ethnomathematics Club. Through a Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) lens, this qualitative case study consists of interviews, field notes, and student products. The study analyzes how the tensions between the CHAT components influence female students' identity in reference to math study through an examination of trajectories in math study. The dissertation ultimately addresses the question as to what influences the Ethnomathematics Club has on the students' mathematical identity?

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CHAT, Ethnomathematics, girls, single gender
Bicultural-Bilingual Studies