Latina Pathway to Central Office Leadership

Benavidez, Dorene
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Demographic changes among the Latina population across the United States depict evidence that there is a need to develop current principals to become administrative leaders at the central office leadership level. These leaders would in turn represent the rapidly changing population. This study aims to understand the career pathway that Latina women, who were principals, have navigated their way toward central office leadership. The literature review focused on gender, ethnicity, career pathways, effectiveness/barriers, Women's Ways of Knowing, and the use of Testimonios as part of the research design. For this research, testimonio design was used in three cases, interviews were conducted on three Latina's in current central office positions in central Texas. By understanding the factors that contribute to the success of Latina women moving into central office leadership, we can better support those who aspire to be directors, assistant superintendent and superintendents. There is a clear need to increase the number of female school leaders in order for women to see that aspiring to such is indeed viable (Derrington & Sharratt, 2009; Magdaleno, 2006).

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Career Pathway, Central Office Leadership, Latina, Testimonios, Women's Voice, Women's Ways of Knowing
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies