Impulse Based Dynamic Simulation for Passive Walker




Treesha, Moosfika H.

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Passive walker are machines that use only their natural dynamics (mass distribution and geometry) to move downhill with maintaining few initial conditions without any aid of external actuators. It is similar to a double pendulum which has a simple physical system that exhibits rich dynamic behavior with a strong sensitivity to initial conditions. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze dynamic behavior and accuracy of a 2D simple passive walker using impulse based method. First, the analytical solution of passive dynamic walker has been introduced. Then for both penalty method and impulse based method, the equation of motion has been introduced. For numerical implementation, the equation of motion has been integrated numerically. The obtained result has been analyzed and it has been discussed whether penalty and impulse based dynamics simulation implemented in this paper is physically accurate by explaining the system's conservation of energy.


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Energy error, Gait cycle, Impulse based method, Passive walker, Penalty method



Mechanical Engineering