Assessing the Fishery and Economic Value of a Restored Guadalupe Bass Population




Turner, Robert W.

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The Guadalupe bass is important to Texans both culturally and economically and has been identified by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a species of greatest conservation need. Stratified multistage creel surveys were conducted over a temporal sampling frame of twelve months on the Mission Reach area of the San Antonio River. Anglers were asked questions regarding their awareness of the Guadalupe bass, the presence of the species in the river, species of fish sought, catch and harvest of any species, estimated monetary and time total of fishing trip, and their residency zip code. Angling effort totaled 59,683 hours, with the majority (45%) of anglers targeting any species of fish while 27% of angler effort targeted Guadalupe bass either singularly or simultaneously with largemouth bass. A total of 17,807 fish were caught and 1,615 of those were harvested within the temporal sampling frame. No Guadalupe bass were recorded as being harvested during this study. Total annual angler expenditures were estimated at $462,974, with 18.2% or $84,565 attributed to anglers targeting Guadalupe bass singularly and simultaneously with largemouth bass. The total economic value, which includes angler expenditures and consumer surplus, for the Mission Reach fishery was estimated at $694,241, with anglers that targeted Guadalupe bass singularly and simultaneously with largemouth bass comprising 30.7% ($213,167) and 20.2% ($140,177) respectively. Angler awareness of the Guadalupe bass was low overall with only 49% of participants aware of the species. Most anglers (57%) preferred the existing black bass harvest regulations. The Mission Reach area of the San Antonio River has become a highly utilized urban fishery with fishing effort at 393 hours/hectare/quarter.


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Creel, Guadalupe bass, Economic value



Environmental Science