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Muniz, Stacy Ann

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The purpose of this recital document is to explore the content to be sung at the author's master's recital. Chapter one, Sea Pictures Op. 37 by Edward Elgar provides some biographical information, on the composer, then switches focus towards a better understanding of the theoretical aspects concerning the song cycle. Chapter two is an in depth biographical sketch of Francesco Cavalli, a very important and sometimes overlooked composer of Venetian opera. In chapter three, the author discusses the rise and fall of the da capo aria, exploring the question from a historical perspective rather than the theoretical viewpoint which is typically used. Finally, in chapter four, The Transfer of Castrati Roles to Mezzo-Soprano, the social issues surrounding the casting of and writing music for women opera performers is discussed.


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Aria, Art Song, Castrati and Mezzo Sopranos, Cavalli, Recital Document, Sea Pictures Op. 37