Reading Between the Lines: An Examination of Theoretical and Enacted Hidden Curriculum in College Algebra Classes




Jones, Emily

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In order to progress as educators, we must examine the things we are currently teaching our students, whether that is the material in our curriculum or the too-often unspoken rules of professionalism, respect, and expectation within our classroom and, more broadly, within academia. In order to examine this "hidden curriculum" in practice, I have compiled interviews and observations of three college algebra instructors. I analyzed these interviews and observations for specific elements of hidden curricula as well as the potential influences on those elements. I examined each instructor's classroom hidden curricula in order to build a detailed profile of that instructor and their hidden curricula, then drew comparisons between the three profiles. In doing so, I made observations and conclusions which I believe may inform future work with hidden curricula, especially in regards to the influence of institution and team policies on individual classrooms.


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Hidden curriculum, Algebra classes, Instructors