A Phenomenological Study Investigating the Experiences of Refugee Adolescents' Transition into the Culture of the United States of America




Sampson, Seth A.

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Refugee adolescents have experiences that affect their social identities and shape their abilities to successfully acculturate into a new society (Sirin, Ryce, Gupta, & Rogers-Sirin, 2013). The dual pressures of acculturation and serving as a link between their family and their new country magnify these adolescent refugees' difficulties in adjusting to school and work (Porte & Torney-Puerta, 1987; Sack, Angell, Kinzie, & Rath, 1986, as cited in Lese & Robbins, 1994). This study, which highlights how the transition may affect adolescent refugees' abilities to form sustainable and meaningful relationships, is intended to be a stepping stone upon which counselors and researchers in both the education and clinical fields can build. Social identity theory, social constructivist theory, and cultural identity theory will serve as a framework for inquiry.


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Acculturation, Adolescents, Counselor, Identity, Refugee, School