Estimation of Alpine Grassland Forage Nitrogen Coupled with Hyperspectral Characteristics during Different Growth Periods on the Tibetan Plateau




Gao, Jinlong
Liang, Tiangang
Yin, Jianpeng
Ge, Jing
Feng, Qisheng
Wu, Caixia
Hou, Mengjing
Liu, Jie
Xie, Hongjie

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The applicability of hyperspectral remote sensing models for forage nitrogen (N) retrieval during different growth periods is limited. This study aims to develop a multivariate model feasible for estimating the forage N for the growth periods (June to November) in an alpine grassland ecosystem. The random forest (RF) algorithm is employed to determine the optimum combinations of 38 spectral variables capable of capturing dynamic variations in forage N. The results show that (1) throughout the growth period, the red-edge first shifts toward longer wavelengths and then shifts toward shorter wavelengths, the amplitude (AMP) and absorption depth (AD) gradually decrease, and the absorption position (AP) changes slightly; (2) the importance of spectral variables for forage N estimation differs during the different growth periods; (3) the multivariate model achieves better results for the first four periods (June to October) than for the last period (when the grass is completely senesced) (V-R2: 0.58–0.68 versus 0.23); and (4) for the whole growth period (June to November), the prediction accuracy of the general N estimation model validated by the unknown growth period is lower than that validated by the unknown location (V-R2 is 0.28 and 0.55 for the validation strategies of Leave-Time-Out and Leave-Location-Out, respectively). This study demonstrates that the changes in the spectral features of the red wavelength (red-edge position, AMP and AD) are well coupled with the forage N content. Moreover, the development of a multivariate RF model for estimating alpine grasslands N content during different growth periods is promising for the improvement of both the stability and accuracy of the model.



alpine grassland, hyperspectral characteristics, nitrogen, growth periods, Tibetan Plateau


Remote Sensing 11 (18): 2085 (2019)


Earth and Planetary Sciences