An archaeological study of ethnicity of historic households in San Antonio, Texas




Villarreal, Rosanna Lee

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An Archaeological Study of Ethnicity of Historic Households in San Antonio, Texas, was designed to use archaeological and historical data to examine two ethnicities in San Antonio, Texas. Historical data was used to establish the ethnicities of two households, one of German descent and the other of Hispanic descent. Artifact groups for each household where then analyzed and compared to determine if differences in ethnicity were evident. I established guidelines that each household needed to follow for them to be considered for this thesis. Archival research allowed me to select a household of German descent and a household of Hispanic descent. I then determined which artifact groups would yield the most information about ethnicity by examining how other scholars have studied ethnicity. By focusing on architecture and ceramic artifact groups for the two households, I was able to interpret the archaeological record and discuss ethnicity in San Antonio, Texas. I discovered broad patterns in the artifact groups that could be used to distinguish different ethnicities. The Hispanic household was using specific ceramics that was being manufactured either locally or was imported from Mexico. I determined both households had access to the ceramics, but the German household had no evidence of owning that type of ceramics.


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Archaeology, Ethnicity, Historic Households