Secondary school principals as servant leaders




Alcala, Melissa

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The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of secondary school principals practicing the servant leader model. There were three main focuses for this study: the self-perceptions of the participants regarding their practice of servant leadership; identification of the challenges these individuals experience as a servant leader; and how these secondary administrators overcome the barriers experienced.

The research methodology for this phenomenological qualitative study consisted of in-depth interviews, document analyses and field notes. The participants in this study were identified by both their superiors and subordinates as servant leaders. A pilot study was conducted to assist in the refinement of the interview questions and data collection process.

The results of this study indicate these secondary school principals as servant leaders perceive themselves as: being a service provider, growing professionally, possessing integrity and valuing others. Their challenges in practicing servant leadership are energizing and encouraging others, focusing their time on the priorities and goals of the organization, and providing the leadership and direction necessary. In order to overcome these challenges, these servant leaders are open to change and maintain a purpose-driven spirit to guide their actions. They also work to surround themselves with quality personnel to assist them in their endeavor to educate students well.


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administration, leadership, principal, secondary, servant leader



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies