Research Automation for Infrastructure and Software: A Framework for Domain Specific Research with Cloud Computing




Wagner, Weslyn S.

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While cloud infrastructure has been ubiquitously adopted in industry, the academic realm has yet to fully utilize the powerful capabilities that cloud computing offers. While many universities have been quick to adopt Software as a Service via cloud, universities, outside of a few examples, have been reluctant to do the same with Infrastructure as a Service. This can be attributed to the lack of operational expertise needed to architect and continuously manage a cloud research platform that utilizes powerful computational systems to perform analytics. Budget cuts and additional resource reductions have also made cloud infrastructure utilization less attractive for those in academia. Even with improved infrastructure deployment methods provided by Amazon, OpenStack, Google, Azure, etc., auto-configuration and dynamic right sizing capabilities for domain specific applications are immature. In this paper, we propose a framework, agnostic to the cloud provider, that allows domain experts in any field to easily deploy and manage more powerful infrastructure solutions specifically created for domain specific research tasks. Our conclusion is this will decrease the time required for research, therefore causing a net increase in the amount of computational research possible in academia.


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cloud procurement, cloud provisioning, cloud research, infrastructure as a service, research platform



Electrical and Computer Engineering