Experimental and numerical study of non-Darcy flow through porous media




Sinir, Rusen

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Turbulence effects in porous media have been well investigated in recent years. In this study, single phase porous media experiments were conducted to investigate coefficients of non-Darcy or Darcy-Forchheimer equation. Once they are defined in terms of flow conditions, they are used in volume averaged Navier-Stoke equations to model turbulence model. In the present study, eddy viscosity was not taken into account. Although eddy viscosity is not included in the model, Darcy-Forchheimer's coefficients are able to overcome turbulence effects in the media. Results of present study and similar literature works were compared and it was found out that they were in a good agreement. A new method of generating geometry of porous media was proposed. It is based on Immerse Boundary Method (IBM). First outputs of solver give reasonable and promising results but they should be validated with experimental data.


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Pore-Scale modeling, Porous media, Turbulent Flow



Civil and Environmental Engineering