Saint Quiteria: Virgin and martyr : An analysis of the cult veneration and iconography of Saint Quiteria in France and the Iberian Peninsula




Scherff, Katharine D.

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This thesis examines the life, legends, cult, and iconography of Saint Quiteria. Highly venerated in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the Saint's national identity throughout Southern France, Spain, and Portugal develops according to the historical and theological development of the time, but differently in different regions The history of the early and established Catholic Church, the cultus of saints, and cult formation are also topics discussed, which pertain to the arguments presented. In five chapters this author examines many questions of Saint Quiteria's varying narratives, the source and spread of her cult supported by regional necessity, Quiteria's range of iconography, and religious context in altarpieces and other images as she evolves and manifests herself in diverse places of veneration and iconographic standards.


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Cult, Iconography, Quiteria, Quitterie, Retable, Veneration



Art and Art History