Xic@s Revolucionistas: A Chicana Feminist Critique Across Educational and Social Hegemonies




Ramirez, Heather C.

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This autoethnographic, narrative inquiry serves two purposes: (1) recognize and reconcile personal hegemonic perceptions towards identity and culture as a Chicana female, and (2) explore Chicana feminist epistemologies (CFE) as tools of critical pedagogy (CritPed) and transformative curriculum frameworks, beginning in early secondary education. First, I engage in autoethnography; inducing a reflexive methodology in my personal spirituality and pedagogical praxis (Anzaldua, 1987; 2000; Mendez-Negrete, 2013; Sleeter, 2017; DeMirjyn, 2020). The goal is to recognize and decolonize idiosyncratic, eurocentric, and socially constructed self-identities towards reconciliation of personal encounters with hegemonic systems. Second, I traverse the social and educational experiences of south Texas middle school females who self-identify as Chicana/Latina. From an autoethnographic perspective, narrative inquiry invites a reciprocal discourse surrounding racial and gender-based phenomena. Those serving communities of Color have a responsibility to reflect introspectively on who we are and how our identities affect what we do as public servants to a diverse Democracy. Perspicacity gained from this critical inquiry provides significant intimations for social scientists, pre-service and practicing educators, and public education administrators.



auto ethnography, Chicana feminist epistemologies, culturally sustaining pedagogy, Instruction, narrative inquiry



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching