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Lucero, Ashley M.

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This document is a scholarly text which studies the historical background and stylistic traits of three major solo guitar works, one of which is an original composition of my own.

In chapter one I discuss the publication history of Fernando Sor's Grand Solo. A brief comparative analysis is applied to three publicized versions of the work in an attempt to explain why certain changes were made in each of them. Chapter two discusses Toru Takemitu's musical language, focusing on certain traits which reflect his highly virtuous blending of Eastern and Western elements of music and philosophy. A brief structural and stylistic analysis then outlines these specific traits in his final composition for solo guitar, In the Woods. Finally, chapter three is focused on my own composition, Theme & Variations. I describe and identify the motivic materials I used from the main theme along with other composers' work from which I drew inspiration to compose each variation.


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ashley lucero, fernando sor, guitar, solo guitar, theme and variations, toru takemitsu