Taking 434 Steps and Gaining a New Perspective: Employing Reflective Writing Process in an Independent School Teacher Learning Community




Hicks, Breanne

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The purpose of this study was to determine how a teacher learning community employing reflective writing practice impacted collaborative problem solving for teachers new to teaching in an independent school, a topic not directly addressed in current research. A transcendental phenomenological research approach investigated the first-person reports of life experiences related to reflective writing employed in teacher learning communities for teachers new to teaching in an independent school. The findings conclude the impact to collaborative problem solving is positive, arriving at three invariant themes that illustrate how the teacher learning community meetings and reflective writing resulted in feelings of empowerment and connectedness: by gaining personal insight, by widening one's perspectives, and by making connections between teachers and experiences.


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independent schools, reflective writing, teacher learning community



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching