Performance of Power Actuated Fastener Attachments of Cold-Formed Steel Members to Concrete Under Out-of-Plane Static and Seismic Shear Loading




Amori, David P.

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Recent earthquakes around the world have shown that damage to non-structural components can result in heavy financial losses, and, more importantly, result in life-safety hazards to occupants and the public. As a result, research into the behavior of non-structural components has become a topic of great interest globally. Power Actuated Fasteners have been an economical, reliable, and safe method for attaching such components to the structure for over a century. Unfortunately, deficient performance of some of these fasteners in seismic events, in specific applications, has led to building code-imposed limits on their use and capacity in the United States (US). Currently, in the US, there are no acceptance criteria to evaluate the behavior of Power-Actuated Fasteners in Seismic Design Categories D or greater. This research builds on testing methodology and protocols from US building codes and testing institutions to propose acceptance criteria that would be suitable for a particular power-actuated fastener in a particular configuration. To demonstrate the validity of the proposed seismic testing methodology, testing was performed of Power Actuated Fasteners connecting cold-formed steel track to normal weight concrete, cracked and uncracked. The results of these tests are presented here in the form of probability curves that show probabilistic behavior and with more conventional reliability-based reduction factors. This research also provides a detailed proposed test procedure and proposed acceptance criteria for use in building code compliance assessments.


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cold-formed steel, concrete, experiments, out-of-plane shear, Power Actuated Fastener, seismic



Civil and Environmental Engineering