Intelligent Room-Based Identification of Electricity Consumption with an Ensemble Learning Method in Smart Energy




Le, Vincent
Ramirez, Joshua
Alamaniotis, Miltiadis

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This paper frames itself in the realm of smart energy technologies that can be utilized to satisfy the electricity demand of consumers. In this environment, demand response programs and the intelligent management of energy consumption that are offered by utility providers will play a significant role in implementing smart energy. One of the approaches to implementing smart energy is to analyze consumption data and provide targeted contracts to consumers based on their individual consumption characteristics. To that end, the identification of individual consumption features is important for suppliers and utilities. Given the complexity of smart home load profiles, an appliance-based identification is nearly impossible. In this paper, we propose a different approach by grouping appliances based on their rooms; thus, we provide a room-based identification of energy consumption. To this end, this paper presents and tests an intelligent consumption identification methodology, that can be implemented in the form of an ensemble of artificial intelligence tools. The ensemble, which comprises four convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and four k-nearest neighbor (KNN) algorithms, is fed with smart submeter data and outputs the identified type of room in a given dwelling. Results obtained from real-world data exhibit the superiority of the ensemble, with respect to accuracy, as compared with individual CNN and KNN models.



consumption identification, room consumption, ensemble learning, CNN, KNN, smart metering


Energies 14 (20): 6717 (2021)


Electrical and Computer Engineering