Impact of technology implementation in a fourth grade classroom: Teacher and student perspectives




Ruiz, Lori Andrea

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The content of this qualitative case study sought to explore the implementation of technology in a fourth grade classroom and how lowercase new literacies and uppercase New Literacies take shape. The researcher acted as an active participant by providing support to the teacher and students with Internet applications and technology devices. Interviews were conducted with students and teacher, and observations were completed over the course of six weeks. Interviews and observations were coded using a comparative analysis method to determine consistent emerging patterns that were developed into themes. The findings from this case study suggest that teachers require additional support and professional development to create opportunities for students to increase reading comprehension skills. Additionally, students become engaged when presented with technology applications and engage in productive dialogue and activate reading comprehension skills. Lastly, there needs to be a discussion on making technology available to all students and limiting the potential roadblocks they encounter.


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collaboration, dialogue, literacy, student, teacher, technology



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching