A study of principal influence and organizational climate in elementary schools




Escobedo, Patricia Villarreal

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Schools have dynamic and changing social environments which present a variety of challenges to campus leaders. Administrators have a multitude of responsibilities to school stakeholders for all facets of organizational life on the campus. School leaders can benefit from a better understanding of how greater levels of principal influence serves as a tool for leaders to effectively implement change in school systems. The general hypothesis of this study was that principal influence will be positively related to each dimension of organizational climate. This study measures the relationship between principal influence and four facets of organizational climate. Data was collected from teachers at 109 elementary schools in Texas and 3 elementary schools in Ohio using the Organizational Climate Index and the Persuasion Index. Multiple linear regression analyses were conducted in order to examine the relationships between principal influence and each component of organizational climate. The independent variables (principal influence, SES and school size) and the dependent variables (institutional vulnerability, collegial leadership, professional teacher behavior, and achievement press) were analyzed. The correlational analysis demonstrated statistically significant relationships between the independent variables of principal influence, SES, and school size, and the dependent variables of institutional vulnerability, collegial leadership, achievement press, and professional teacher behavior. Moreover, multiple linear regression demonstrated that the independent variables combined to form a model that explained a significant portion of the variance in the elements of organizational climate examined in the present study, and thus provided a more refined vision of the ways in which principal influence may impact the overall school environment.


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Influence and Cialdini, Influence and Hoy and Smith, Leadership and Climate, Organizational Climate, Principal Influence



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies