The office of diversity and inclusion at a large Texas university: a cultural evolution

Curette, Alvin R.
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This single, holistic, instrumental case study investigated the organizational history of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) at Lone Star University. The study included an examination of changes to ODI's cultural identity. This study was guided by two principal research questions: a) Why was the office created and how has its cultural identity changed over time? b) What factors have influenced changes to ODI's cultural identity? Schein's (2010) cultural identity framework for organizational change was used to analyze data. Findings suggest that the cultural identity of ODI has evolved since its inception. In particular, the student populations served and services have expanded. This study concludes that ODI has evolved in order to effectively serve the underrepresented student populations at Lone Star and to survive environmental changes. Thus, implications from this study encourage multicultural affairs staff to establish a clear mission and strategy to aid their organizations in making difficult decisions about programs and services. Moreover, institutional leaders are urged to show "real" support for diversity and the diversity organizations that exist on their campuses.

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multicultural affairs, multicultural student services, organizational culture, social justice
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies