Production, consumption, and distribution of Late Classic Maya polychrome ceramics at San Estevan, Belize

Johnson, Melanie V.
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This study investigates the production, consumption, and distribution of Palmar Orange Polychrome ceramics at the Late Classic Maya site of San Estevan in northern Belize. With regard to production, I use an approach called technological style in order to identify producer groups. In order to reveal technological styles, the polychrome ceramics at San Estevan were examined using morphological, iconographic, and petrographic analysis. I hoped to reveal information concerning the mechanisms of distribution at San Estevan based on the distributional patterns of technological styles across the site. Although I discover a few technological styles which indicate multiple producer groups, the data was not conclusive concerning mechanisms of distribution. Regardless of this outcome, I am able to conclude that there were multiple producers of Palmar Orange Polychrome ceramics at San Estevan during the Late Classic period and that there were multiple producers of this ceramic across Late Classic northern Belize as well.

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Ceramic, Maya, Petrography, Polychrome, San Estevan, Belize, Technological Style