Voices of Inspiration: An Exploration into the Social Experiences of Successful Latino Male Students with Disabilities




Juarez, Joe

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This study examined the lived social experiences of three Latino male students in a school environment in order to discover what factors contributed to positive student motivation. The research design consisted of a qualitative methodology using a cross-case analysis which allows for an exploration of similarities and differences across cases. The theoretical framework approach involved the use of the Vygotskian theory. The theory directs attention to the sociopolitical significance of the interaction between persons and the environments that surround them. This approach assisted in the exploration of those interactions in order to understand how the participants were influenced and motivationally impacted. The data was collected through personal interviews which focused to acquire information on when, why, and how the participants made changes when coming to crossroads in their experiences. The study was an exploration into the lived experiences of Latino males in rural communities in southwest Texas, but can bring forth information about Latino students' motivation in special education environments in other rural communities.


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Latinos, Motivation, Special Education



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies