Visualization and Presentation of Construction Project Information for Field Applications




Martinez, Josue D.

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One of the most critical elements of success in the construction industry is coordination and communication among the project stakeholders. During construction, traditional 2D construction documents are commonly used to communicate the work plans and evaluate field progress. There are new technologies available for this purpose such as Building Information Modeling systems and 3D models, however; these technologies require expensive infrastructure and significant amount of training. When these technologies are considered for field applications, there is usually a considerable amount of resistance because of the complexity of these technologies. This thesis proposes the use of 3D PDF documents in field applications for visualization of the project components. 3D PDFs present the information needed for the construction process in a three-dimensional and read-only format. As a part of this thesis, a group of construction science and management majors were asked to perform field inspections on a physical building model using traditional 2D drawings and 3D PDF files. The results show improvements in accuracy when the 3D approach is used for inspections. The usability survey also shows a significant positive reaction to the use of this technology.


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3D PDF, Building Information Modeling, Construction Inspections, Construction Visualization, Three-Dimensional, Traditional Construction Documents