An Ethnographic and Site Structural Analysis of the Sanchez Archaeological Site (AZ:CC:2:452))




Jenkins, Kathleen A.

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This thesis examines the Sanchez site, an Early Agricultural period (800-550 cal B.C.) and Early Pithouse period (AD 200-550) cerro de trincheras site located in Safford, Arizona. The Sanchez site has a sizeable number of features, including rock rings, rock walls, cleared areas, house clusters, a plaza, and a high density of surface artifacts. The size and number of features at the Sanchez site can be characteristic of a large village occupation. However due to the issue of palimpsests, identifying the occupational pattern at the Sanchez site can be challenging. To address the issue of occupation at the Sanchez site, this thesis explores the occupational patterns of a small sample of ethnoarchaeological cases. Each ethnoarchaeological case was sorted into four occupational models and coded for specific site structural and behavioral attributes. The purpose of this research was to use the ethnoarchaeological cases as a framework to assess the past occupational patterns of the Sanchez site.


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Cerro de trincheras, Ethnoarchaeology, Site structure, Southwest archaeology