Knowledge coordination in open source software project teams: A transactive memory system perspective




Chen, Xiaogang

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Although a large number of high-quality open source software (OSS) has been successfully produced, little is known about knowledge coordination in the OSS setting. Therefore, this dissertation investigates how the members of an OSS project team coordinate their knowledge of different domains to bear on software development tasks.

From the transactive memory system (TMS) perspective, this dissertation particularly examines antecedents of TMS and the relations among TMS, knowledge coordination behaviors of OSS developers, and their communication quality; furthermore, the study looks into the effects of knowledge coordination and communication quality on team performance.

By surveying 97 OSS project teams from, one of the largest OSS project hosting sites, the results of this dissertation demonstrate the importance of TMS for knowledge coordination behaviors and communication quality of the OSS developers. Moreover, communication quality shows the positive influence on team performance. These results contribute to the current literature as well as management practice.


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communication quality, knowledge coordination, knowledge credibility, knowledge differentiation, open source software, transactive memory system



Information Systems and Cyber Security