Analysis and simulation of power mismatch control in grid connected PV system with N-port converter




Abdul Kader, Azas Ahamed Rifath

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In recent years, there have been international commitments to reduce emissions associated with conventional energy were made. Renewable energy has been gaining ground, and is seen to occupy a prominent place in the global power generation. In this context, solar photovoltaic generation systems have the opportunity to be as much as suitable to produce electrical energy very close to the electric loads. Power electronics forms a major role in connecting PV systems into grid. Multilevel converters have been increasingly used in these systems to take care of high voltage levels and reduced harmonic distortion. In this thesis, power mismatch in N-port converter system that consists of a dual active bridge (DAB) dc-dc converter and a multilevel cascaded H-bridge dc-ac inverter is analyzed, modelled and simulated with in LabView ® and Simulink®. The d-q axis current control method is developed and simulation results are presented. This control design is built to control the grid current and Capacitor voltage balancing is simulated in Matlab®/Simulink® and LabView ® by using the average model approach. Additionally, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques for H-bridge and cascaded H-bridge have been analyzed and modelled in LabView®.


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Dual active bridge, Renewable energy



Electrical and Computer Engineering