High school college-prep success for Hispanic students using Funds of Knowledge awareness

Chavez, John R.
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This critical case study sought to determine the factors contributing to the success of Hispanic students in college-prep classes. College-prep classes in high school improve the success rates of students in college, both in course success and college completion. This study used two previously researched paradigms as a framework, the Expertise Model of Student Success and the Funds of Knowledge. Interviews collected the perceptions of fourteen participants, including Hispanic high school students, Hispanic college students, high school college-prep teachers, a counselor, and a principal to ascertain the factors of success in their college-prep coursework. The participants were interviewed to answer the research questions concerning barriers to the success of the students, their awareness of these barriers, and how they overcame any barriers. Additional research was conducted on all factors concerning student successes and the implementation of Funds of Knowledge by the teachers as a part of their classroom instruction. The analysis of the interviews resulted in four emergent themes: Student Barriers, College, Funds of Knowledge, and Student Support. These four concepts become a plan of action or model for improving the success levels of Hispanic students in the college-prep pathway of high school curriculum.

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Advanced Placement, College-Prep, Expertise Model of Student Success, Funds of Knowledge, High School, Hispanic Students
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies