Configuring Windows server 2012 and online calendar system for remote laboratory access control with video streaming




Mazumder, Debabrata

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In contrast to the traditional laboratory while the researchers or students can interact directly to the lab equipment and perform physical actions to obtain experimental data, Remote Laboratories conduct the same interactions at a remote location, with the assistance of local researcher or mechatronic control hardware, with a direct control of the data acquisition process through information infrastructure such as internet. Remote laboratory as a concept and as an effective research approach has been explored at several laboratories and at the Multifunctional Electronic Materials and Devices Research Lab at University of Texas at San Antonio. In the era of internet and cloud computing, remote laboratory labs can empower users' access to research facilities and essentially diminish physical distances for conducting experimental research. Moreover the remote laboratories can promote research collaborations, enable sharing research infrastructure and resources, and bring institutional and national cooperative research and working relationships to a new level. Hands-on laboratory experimentation plays an important role as well in the education of engineers and researchers; yet traditional lab courses are limited in contents and availability that are locally available in a given department or institutional unit. Remote Laboratories or laboratory experiments designed for remote users have the potential to fill this void. This thesis deals with administration of the remote access to a real laboratory - Multifunctional Electronic Materials and Devices Research Lab (MeMDRL) at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Upon comparisons made for different models, the preferred remote laboratory access to the UTSA MeMDRL is to be based on client-server architecture and implemented using the Remote Desktop Connection, a feature in Windows Server 2012. The aim of this thesis is to develop a scheduling and administration model (online calendar system) and demonstrate a fully functional remote lab system with video streaming.


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Remote data, Multifunctional electronic materials, University of Texas



Electrical and Computer Engineering