An Integration of Health Tracking Sensor Applications and E-Learning Environments for Cloud Based Health Promotion Campaigns




Natarajan, Girish Vaidyanathan

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Rapidly evolving technologies like data analysis, smartphone and web-based applications and internet of things have been increasingly used for healthy living, fitness, and well-being. The idea that these modern technologies allow communication and exchange of data are being utilized by various researchers to conduct interventions and research studies to motivate people to reduce obesity among the rural population.

This research demonstrates comparative study of different fitness applications and trackers and the design and development of a data flow protocol which integrates several fitness and dietary applications in the loop. After initial registration by the participants, the activity, nutrition and other lifestyle tracking sensor data from the participants are retrieved in a centralized cloud dedicated to health promotion. In addition, users are provided accounts in an e-learning environment and the course learning outcomes are also retrieved by the proposed system. Using the proposed system, the health promotion campaigners provide feedback to the participants using a dedicated messaging system. The consent of the participants are taken into consideration to extract their activity data as a part of the study. The implemented system and servicing protocol minimizes personnel overhead of large-scale health promotion campaigns and is scalable to assist automated interventions, from automated data retrieval to automated messaging feedback. The paper describes end-to-end workflow of the proposed system. The case study tests are carried with Fitbit Flex2 activity trackers, Withings Wi-Fi Scale, Verizon Android-based tablets, Moodle learning management system, and Articulate RISE for learning content development.


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Fitness trackers, Health Care, Internet of things, LMS, Remote Health monitoring



Electrical and Computer Engineering