Foraminifers from the Reef Trail Member of the Latest Middle Permian Bell Canyon Formation, West Texas




Pinar, Mehtap

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This study investigates larger and smaller foraminifers in the Middle Permian (Guadalupian) age in order to determine biostratigraphy of the Reef Trail Member of the Bell Canyon Formation in West Texas. The study materials were previously collected. Characteristics and features of foraminifers were examined with a standard binocular microscope. The 416 foraminifer specimens from the upper part of Lamar Limestone and the Reef Trail Member of the Bell Canyon Formation and the McKittrick Canyon Limestone were recovered and described. Some larger foraminifers such as Reichelina, Codonofusiella, Paraboultonia, Rauserella were identified with 156 specimens. Moreover, several smaller foraminifers such as Abadahella, Tuberitina, Geinitzina, Nodosaria, Neoendothyra, Tetrataxis, Hemigordius, Pseudohemigordius, Globivalvulina, Biasalina, Neoendothyra, Multidiscus and Dagmarita were recognized with 260 specimens. Larger foraminifers are dominated by Reichelina and Codonofusuella. The age of Reef Trail Member at the Reef Trail Reference Section was confirmed by occurrence of foraminifers from latest Guadalupian (Middle Permian).


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Bel Canyon Formation, Guadalupian, Larger Foraminifers, Reef Trail Member, Smaller Foraminifers