Smart Nanoparticles for Chemo-Based Combinational Therapy




Shrestha, Binita
Wang, Lijun
Brey, Eric M.
Uribe, Gabriela Romero
Tang, Liang

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Cancer is a heterogeneous and complex disease. Traditional cancer therapy is associated with low therapeutic index, acquired resistance, and various adverse effects. With the increasing understanding of cancer biology and technology advancements, more strategies have been exploited to optimize the therapeutic outcomes. The rapid development and application of nanomedicine have motivated this progress. Combinational regimen, for instance, has become an indispensable approach for effective cancer treatment, including the combination of chemotherapeutic agents, chemo-energy, chemo-gene, chemo-small molecules, and chemo-immunology. Additionally, smart nanoplatforms that respond to external stimuli (such as light, temperature, ultrasound, and magnetic field), and/or to internal stimuli (such as changes in pH, enzymes, hypoxia, and redox) have been extensively investigated to improve precision therapy. Smart nanoplatforms for combinational therapy have demonstrated the potential to be the next generation cancer treatment regimen. This review aims to highlight the recent advances in smart combinational therapy.



stimuli-responsive, multi-functional, smart nanoparticles, combinational, chemotherapy, cancer, treatment


Pharmaceutics 13 (6): 853 (2021)


Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering