Do Social Mobility, Assimilation, and Religion Matter? Latino Attitudes towards Gay Marriage in the U.S




Ochoa, Rodolfo Isacc

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This study examines the links between social mobility, assimilation, and religious involvement and attitudes toward gay marriage among the U.S. Latino population. Logistic regression models are used to analyze data from the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey by Pew Research Center conducted in 2014. The analysis is focused on the Latinos sample (n = 3,814). Findings highlight both active support and opposition to gay marriage. All three hypothesized factors – social mobility, assimilation, and religion – significantly predicted Latinos’ attitudes towards gay marriage. The study highlights the importance of social mobility, assimilation, and religious cleavages in public opinion on social issues within the diverse Latino population residing in the U.S. With the growth of the Latino population continuing to rise, it is essential to understand the factors that may shape the future political perspectives of Latinos.


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Assimilation, Gay Marriage, Latinos, Politics, Religion, Social Mobility