Leveraging Socially Just Classroom Writing Assessments to Influence Teacher Perspectives: A Case Study on a Professional Learning Experience

Diaz, Susan M.
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The purpose of this study was to investigate how a professional learning experience on socially just classroom writing assessments influences the perspectives of high school English teachers. By changing the ways we assess students' writing within our classrooms, we have the potential to make learning equitable for all students. This qualitative case study was conducted with three teachers from an urban high school located in the southwestern United States. The study showed a change in how the teachers perceived social justice and writing assessments. Additionally, the study had a significant influence on how the teachers conceived of their classroom pedagogy. The study has implications on the design of professional learning experiences for teachers and useful ways for classroom teachers to implement socially just writing assessment in their own classrooms.

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Case Study, Social Justice, Writing Assessments
Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching