A late to terminal classic household in the shadows of the ancestors: a view from Group E, Xunantunich




Sword, Catherine

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This master's thesis focuses on understanding the period of reoccupation during the Late to Terminal Classic at Group E, Xunantunich. This topic is examined through an investigation of the function of Structure E-3 during the reoccupation period and Structure E-3's relationship with specialized activity areas located nearby. First, I examine the form and function of Structure E-3 through an analysis of the collected excavation and shovel testing data. Second, I explore the relationship between Structure E-3 and the specialized activity locales found near Group E. These activity areas were identified by the thousands of specialized chert implements found within Late Classic levels in the plaza area of Group E suggesting some form of focused activity. Third, I compare Group E to other residential groups where similar tools were found. Additionally, I explore the idea that the abandoned ceremonial center may have been intentionally selected as a location for specific activities and, therefore, the placement of Structure E-3 was influenced by this.


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Archaeology, Belize, Household archaeology, Maya, Maya archaeology, Xunantunich