"I Heal Myself, I Heal the World": Emancipating Spirituality Through Creative Practices




Sanchez, Gabriella V.

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In this study, I examine the ways in which trauma and spirituality influence Chicana identity formation facilitated by creative expressions and spirituality in self-care and healing. Guided by conocimiento, spiritual activism, and theory in the flesh, I analyze the work of poet-curandera, ire'ne lara silva, and artists Sarah Castillo and Andra Ramirez, in the context of textual analysis. As a positioned subject, I frame their cultural expression around five themes that include family, trauma, creativity, healing, and identity, as I incorporate my own formation having engaged with their work.

For a Chicana on the path self-discovery, lara silva, Castillo, and Ramirez mirror self-healing. Their poetry, art, and creativity are intertwined in their mindbodyspirit, as their works facilitate a dialogue for them to visually communicate complex, and intense emotions of daily life. As such, Chicana artists and their art create the space and potential for transformation.


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Chicana artists, Chicana creative spiritualities, Chicana feminism, conocimiento, spiritual activism, theory in the flesh



Bicultural-Bilingual Studies