The influences of male early childhood education teachers on parental involvement




Ozturk, Muhammed

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The purpose of the study is to examine male early childhood education teachers' perceptions on parental involvement in early childhood education. This study provides baseline for research by considering male teachers' responses in the southeastern part of the country using a sample of male ECE teachers. Data were gathered by questionnaires.

The first part of data collection survey includes questions regarding demographic information. The second part of the survey entitled "The Attitudes, Beliefs, and Implications of Teachers toward Parent Involvement" includes questions that measure male teachers' beliefs and implications about parental involvement. Male ECE teachers' perceptions about parental involvement differ in respect to their years of experience. Teachers with less experience consider gender, culture, and religion as a barrier. Results showed that male ECE teachers had different perspectives about the types of contact by mothers relative to their years of experience and majority of male ECE teachers agree that male teachers have a positive effect on father involvement.


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Early childhood education, Male early childhood teacher, Parental Involvement