Quixotically courageous leaders: a multi-case study analysis of school community partnerships in rural Latina/o majority secondary schools




Lopez, Hector David

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The purpose of this critical multi-case qualitative study was to explore reciprocal connections between participants and other stakeholders established through the community-school partnerships (CSPs) at three Latina/o majority secondary schools in an economically disadvantaged region of Southwest Texas. To achieve its purpose the study examined the ways in which various campus and district level leaders demonstrated ownership of the CSPs, especially focusing on how the connections with parents and the community were established and maintained. Additionally, the study investigated the connection between the program perceptions of participating parents and other community members in relation to the school and district based perceptions of the programs' outcomes. This type of research could lend key insights to educational leaders and practitioners working with large Latina/o student populations at the secondary school level. Additionally, this research is occurring at a crucial time in our nation's history, when the number of Latina/o students underperforming on college readiness measures portends impactful and lasting consequences to the future of the nation.


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Community, Latina, Latino, Multi-case Study, Rural, Secondary Schools



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies