The Influence of Schooling and Life Experiences on Pre-Service Teachers' Cultural and Linguistic Self-Efficacy Beliefs

Conceicao da Silva, Daniela
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This study investigates which factors, including schooling and life experiences and demographic information, influence early childhood to 8th grade generalist, bilingual, and English as Second Language (ESL) pre-service teachers’ cultural and linguistic self-efficacy beliefs in two Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) in San Antonio, South Texas. The purpose of this quantitative research is to better understand if generalist, bilingual, and ESL pre-service teachers are prepared to adopt a culturally responsive pedagogy in their praxis in the classroom once they graduate and start teaching.

I analyze the findings from a 5-point Likert survey adapted from the Culturally Efficacious Educator Scale ([CEES]; García, 2016). The survey is based on the Culturally Efficacious Evolution Model (Clark & Flores, 2005; Flores, Clark, Claeys, & Villarreal, 2007). The self-reported cultural and linguistic self-efficacy beliefs measures eight 5-point Likert cosntructs: (1) elementary and secondary education, (2) post-secondary education, (3) life experiences, (4) awakening cultural consciousness, (5) acquiring cultural competence, (6) developing cultural proficiency, (7) actualizing cultural and critical responsivity, and (8) realizing cultural efficacy. Principal component analysis, standard multiple regression, and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) were used to analyze the data.

While this dissertation may not be generalizable, it concludes with suggestions for how issues raised through the research may be considered and addressed in teacher education programs that prepare pre-service teachers to teach Cultural and Linguistic Diverse (CLD) students to meet the needs of this population.

This item is available only to currently enrolled UTSA students, faculty or staff.
beliefs, culture, pre-service teachers, self-efficacy
Bicultural-Bilingual Studies