Social mobile gaming applications: user practices in the mobile age




Rodriguez, Ana Kahni

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Social mobile gaming applications (SMGAs) generate unique and dynamic environments by creating a multidimensional and complex form of interaction among users to communicate across gaming platforms. Because of this growing popularity in social mobile gaming applications, there is a need for research in factors that influence adoption and use. Using the Unified Theory of Adoption and Use of Technology, a multifactorial model for technology adoption, and determinants like motivation, advertising, and game quality, this research examines the roles of these factors and how they encourage use of social mobile gaming applications. Results indicate strong significance in the areas of motivation, performance expectancy, quality, and advertising, suggesting that these factors strongly influence the number of gaming apps owned, length of time owning these gaming apps, and how many hours per day these apps are used.


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Gaming apps, Mobile apps, Mobile games, Mobile phones, Smartphones, Social Mobile Gaming Applications, UTAUT