Dielectric Non-destructive Evaluation of Fiber-rienforced Polymer Composites




Flynn, William Paul

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On-line industrial NDE needs to be simple and robust to maximize delivered value to customers. Dielectric NDE is shown to be a promising candidate as experimental work shows capacitance measurements of fiber-reinforced, polyurethane foams with fly ash fillers can be used to detect voids and evaluate density. Finite element analysis software is used to optimize the design of interdigitated co-planar electrodes for sub-surface defect detection.

This work explores the challenges of on-line NDE. We present the economic and environmental impact of NDE and modern mass-produced composites. The fundamental theory of the dielectric behavior of fiber reinforced polymer composite materials is explored to establish the groundwork for a large-scale dielectric NDE system for quality control and data collection.


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dielectric, NDE



Electrical and Computer Engineering