Patterns in mathematics course-taking and success rates for students completing developmental mathematics courses at the University of Texas at San Antonio




Smith, Dovie

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This study explores the course-taking patterns that differentiate students depending on their mathematical level when they enter developmental mathematics courses at University of Texas at San Antonio. The data is a census of all UTSA students enrolled between Fall 2007 and Fall 2012. Students (Dev-1) whose first-passed, developmental mathematics course was MAT 0203 were compared with students (Dev-2) whose first-passed developmental mathematics course was MAT 0213 on persistence and success in their first college-level mathematics course. Dev-1 students had passing rates nearly as high as Dev-2 students who also persisted and completed a college-level course. The groups differed in their persistence rates, with Dev-2 students much more likely to complete a college-level mathematics course. Results also showed that regardless of group, students who delay taking their first college-level mathematics course more than two semesters after passing their last developmental mathematics course were somewhat less likely to pass that college-level course.


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