Made by Artists: 26 Years of Sala Diaz




Whitby, China

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The history of the development and expansion of San Antonio's alternative art scene is vast. However, academic-based literature that centers on San Antonio's alternative art spaces has yet to catch up to the volume of creative artwork currently being done in the community by these venues and the individuals and groups that run them. Therefore, this paper aims to contribute to the scholarly literature gap by documenting the history and development of the Sala Diaz Gallery. In order to provide a holistic scope of Sala Diaz as an institution in the past and present, this project was broken into four sections. Section One introduces readers to the historical events, individuals, and groups that led to or inspired the creation of Sala Diaz and its gradual growth. Section Two covers the gallery's present organization as an alternative space by documenting specific events that Sala Diaz participated in during my six-month internship. Section Three, serves as an introduction to the Sala Diaz Archive and offers a descriptive overview of the gallery's material history, which include objects (newspaper, exhibition summaries, flyers, letters, photographs) that date from 1995 until 2013. Section Four complies data taken from the Sala Diaz archive into a set of graphs that aim to visually and numerically understand the opportunities Sala Diaz affords artists in terms of diversity, yearly exhibitions output, and gender equality. The finding were then compared to the statistics compiled from mainstream cultural museums and for-profit galleries.


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Art, History, San Antonio, Academic-based literature, Art making, Sala Diaz



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