Mobile learning in higher education




Fraga, Lucretia M.

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This mixed method research study investigated the beliefs of university faculty regarding mobile learning. As well as to determine if providing technology professional development to university faculty supports the increase of mobile learning opportunities in higher education. This study used the Beliefs About Mobile Learning Inventory (BAMLI) to gather information from faculty around the world. Additionally, interviews and syllabi were analyzed from two faculty case study participants that attended a series of professional development sessions over the course of a year and also received individualized support. Results indicated the global perspective regarding the beliefs about mobile learning in higher education are still mixed. Additionally, the amount of time and quality of the professional development supported the increase in the number of mobile learning opportunities over time with the case study participants. The mixed methods findings indicated the two case study participants and the global community share some of the same beliefs about using mobile devices for learning in higher education.


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elearning, higher education, instructional technology, mlearning, mobile learning, technology



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching