Simulation of a solar pond for production of power in San Antonio, Texas

dc.contributor.advisorMichaelides, Efstathios E.
dc.contributor.authorUgras, Erem
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dc.contributor.committeeMemberManteufel, Randall D.
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dc.description.abstractThis thesis explores a version of a solar pond, which utilizes a two zone system that relies on membranes to separate the zones of liquid and to eliminate convection in the upper zone. For the purposes of this research, a solar pond for power production in San Antonio, Texas has been simulated. The simulation focuses mainly on the development and application of equations that compute hourly incoming solar radiation in San Antonio. These equations take into account the transient heat transfer that occurs within the pond and the external environment in order to compute hourly temperature values of the liquid in each zone of the pond and to determine exact heat extraction time from the storage zone of the pond at relevant temperature value. Power can be produced by a power generation system which utilizes the heat stored in the storage zone. These aspects, when combined, have provided the basis of an analysis of this solar pond simulation, resulting in conclusions about feasibility and electricity generation capacity of the system for the San Antonio district.
dc.description.departmentMechanical Engineering
dc.format.extent99 pages
dc.subjectRenewable Energy
dc.subjectSolar Energy
dc.subjectSolar Pond Power Plants
dc.subjectSolar Ponds
dc.subject.classificationMechanical engineering
dc.subject.classificationAlternative Energy
dc.titleSimulation of a solar pond for production of power in San Antonio, Texas
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