Sacred space: supervisees' experiences of spiritual issues in clinical supervision




Wong, Christine

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Ethical codes and standards require counselors to address spiritual issues in counseling. However, counseling students have indicated confusion around spiritual issues. This study explored counseling students who experienced a spiritual issue during their practicum or internship experience. The purpose of this study was to investigate supervisees' experiences of spiritual issues in clinical practicum and internship supervision using phenomenological methods. Six female participants from CACREP-accredited programs in the southwestern and southeastern United States completed a demographic questionnaire and semi-structured interview. Phenomenological data analysis methods generated four themes that describe the participants' experiences: internal tension, hesitation, sought resolution (subthemes: reflection on training, supervision, and outside support), and new understanding (subtheme: new relational understanding). Findings are discussed in relation to the integrative developmental model of supervision and existing research. Implications for supervisors and counselor educators are addressed. Recommendations for future research studies are provided.


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Education, Counseling, Spirituality, Supervision