Feasible or Frozen? A United States Grand Strategy for the Arctic Region




Babauta, Rebecca

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Considered a crossroads for international politics and forewarning for the world, any changes to the Arctic geopolitical environment affect the rest of the world. As such, it is imperative that the US possess a grand strategy for this region that is feasible. In this research project, I assess the feasibility of US grand strategy in the Arctic, leveraging the four variables of grand strategy, security landscape, ends, means, and ways, and argue that the US is currently adequately postured in the region to achieve its Arctic ends. In other words, I grade the US Arctic grand strategy. To test my argument, I identified US Arctic ends and any supporting means and ways found in US Arctic strategy and policies. Then, I established the current Arctic security landscape and determined how the US is currently situated in this security landscape. Finally, I assessed the US Arctic means and ways in achieving US Arctic ends in this established security landscape using a tailored feasibility rubric. The feasibility score produced by the assessment, 75.8%, meaning that the US does possess a feasible Arctic grand strategy. This project concludes with a reflection on what this feasibility score means for US policymakers and decision-makers as it relates to US Arctic grand strategy.


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International politics, Arctic geopolitical environment, US policymakers, Security landscape



Global Affairs