Gender differences in robbery




Ferguson, Tara

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Many journals and literature reviews concerning the female criminal have involved more of the traditional female offender, and females who do not commit violent crimes. However, this thesis will examine the female's role in a major violent crime: robbery. Key variables have been examined including weapon use, victim resistance/injury, robbery type, and having accomplices present. A sample of 800 robbery cases from the official records of the San Antonio, Texas Police Department from 2003-2004 have been coded across gender. Reasons and the nature of females committing crimes are covered in an extensive literature review before our analysis. In our analysis Chi-square tests have been performed across the variables to determine these measures of association. Offender motivations and gender differences clearly differ when comparing female and male robbers. The unique data set reveals subtle and substantial differences in the methods used during female robbery cases when compared with males. Further research in this genre should be explored in hopes to make predictions about the nature of violent female criminals and their crimes.


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female, gender, offenders, robbery



Criminal Justice