Responding to the Academic and Social-Emotional Needs of Refugee Students: The Role of School Leaders and School Personnel in Providing Them With a Supportive Environment




Flanagan-Gonzales, Christopher R.

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The purpose of this study was to obtain a deeper understanding of the ways in which school leaders, school personnel, and parents respond to the academic and social-emotional needs of refugee students. Specifically, this research examined how one elementary school assisted refugee families in understanding the American public school system. The conceptual framework that I used as a reference was Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory. Two rounds of semi-structured open-ended interviews were given to six participants from New Elementary in the ABC ISD. Each of the participants had a minimum of one year experience working with refugee elementary school students. One semi-structured open-ended interview was given to refugee parent participants that worked for a non-profit organization; and whose children were attending a public elementary school. The findings from the eight participants revealed five emergent themes in relation to the conceptual framework and research questions that served as a focal point of this case study.



Refugee students, School leaders, Social-emotional needs, Elementary school, School Leaders



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies