Impacts of Green Facade and Green Roof on Annual Building Energy Consumption in Hot-Humid and Hot-Dry Climates




Satumane, Anupam

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Urban heat is caused by a combination of anthropogenic heat release, reduction in green areas, absorption of solar radiation and limited circulation of air in the urban environment. The increase in the ambient temperature leads to higher cooling loads of buildings. Green Roofs and Green Facades can be used as a passive cooling strategy, to reduce conduction and infiltration heat gain.

The impacts of Green Roofs and Green Facades on the building’s annual energy consumption for four building types with varying Green Facade to Green Roof ratio were analyzed. Whole building energy use simulation method was used to determine the impacts of insulation and shading of Green Roofs and Green facades on building’s annual energy consumption. Evapotranspiration cooling of plants was determined using a Theoretical calculation method. Houston, Texas was selected to represent hot-humid climate and Phoenix, Arizona for hot-dry climate.

The annual energy consumption gradually increased as the footprint of the building reduced, and the building height increased. The building models were found to consume more energy annually in hot-dry climate in comparison to the hot-humid climate. The conduction and infiltration gain from the building envelope in hot-humid climate were twice the amount observed in hot-dry climate. The evapotranspiration cooling in buildings modeled in hot-dry climate was one and half times more than the models in hot-humid climate. The lower humidity and higher temperatures of hot-dry climate caused the increased evapotranspiration cooling. The evapotranspiration cooling from Green Roof and Green Façade was directly proportional to the surface area available for its application.


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Building Geometry, Evapotranspiration cooling, Green Facades, Green Roofs, Heat gain, Whole building energy simulation